Handicap Revision & Society Rules

Notes from our Secretary:-

All Entry Forms for our meetings are now sent out by e-mail so it is vital that I have your current e-mail address. Just by this action alone it will save the Society in the region of £60.00 a year.

Several have recently been returned as 'undeliverable' so if you change your e-mail please let me know.

Similarly, a dozen or so of our members do not have an e-mail address registered at all therefore they will receive nothing even the important Annual Report and Accounts which is now sent by email.

Richard Johns (rickety@btinternet.com)


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1.   Name
The name of the society shall be the London Stationers Golfing Society

2.   Aims
The aim of the society shall be to provide meetings for the members to participate in competition and any other related activities requested by the members.
A fee will be payable for every meeting attended and guests may be invited where circumstances allow.

3.   Membership     
Membership shall be open to any person who is recommended by an existing member.

4.  Subscription
An annual subscription shall be payable at a rate decided by a vote of members at the Annual General Meeting.

5.  Annual General Meeting
After play at the first meeting of each year an Annual General Meeting shall be held, chaired by the Captain, at which a Committee shall be elected and any business conducted. A motion will be deemed to be passed if at least 60% of those present and voting approve. The Secretary shall minute the proceedings.

6.  Committee
The Committee shall comprise the Captain, Vice-Captain, Immediate Past Captain, the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary, who  (apart from the President) shall be elected annually and conduct the day-to-day running  of the Society. Additional members may be co-opted from time to time if deemed necessary. Three shall constitute a quorum and all positions shall be honorary.   

7.  President 
In recognition of past service to the Society members may, at the Annual General Meeting, elect a member to the honorary position of President of the Society. Such person shall serve until he or she retires from the Society.   

8.   Trophies
Winners of any of the Society trophies undertake to exercise proper care while in their possession, ensure they are adequately insured against loss or damage and arrange for suitable engraving of their name before returning for re-presentation.

9. Handicaps
Subject to any changes voted for at an Annual General Meeting and with the introduction in 2020 of the new World Handicapping System, members shall play from their current club handicap which will be adjusted according to the Slope Rating of every course played giving the Course Handicap which is then multiplied by 0.95% to give the Playing Handicap showing the number of strokes received in our competitions.

Presently there is no handicap limit.

The winner and runner up of any singles competition shall have their handicap reduced by two strokes and one stroke respectively which will expire on the anniversary and apply to all other competition formats. Members and guests shall always play from the lower if they have two handicaps.







LSGS Handicap revisions

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